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Hello 🙂

My name is Alexis and I wanted give a bit more insight on who I am and why I have taken the path of planning. It all started when I was a child, just kidding, well it did but we will fast forward to the me having anxiety and wanting things done properly. Went through some life lessons, therapy included and I have turned my enemy in to my best friend. I have learned how to love myself with the crazy quarks and the joyful sarcasm.

I have never written a blog before but genuinely I have thought about it many of times but then I would over think what I should write and nothing got started, viscous life cycle!

So anyways… I finally have the opportunity to do a blog and discuss things I enjoy talking about; Weddings, True Love and pure Joy!

A few truths about me…..

yes, I love hallmark movies ( watch them every year, even when it’s not Christmas)

yes, I have see the wedding planner a million times and will continue to enjoy it! ( JLo was my inner planner)

yes, I believe in true love and believe anyone can have their happily ever after ( their own version of course)

* I, as a person, chose to bring joy to all situations I am involved in and I truly enjoy seeing other people happy, it makes me happy through and through.*

The picture shown above was chosen to show all of me at one moment, I am joyful, fun, love to laugh with a hint of sarcasm

It seems therapy is being discussed more now and with any service I provide I want my client(s) to have that opportunity to let some steam off and get some things off of their chests.

Life is extremely stressful and we are all so busy with our day to day tasks that we forget to PAUSE, take a minute, and enjoy the moment we are living in at that exact moment.

Sooo long story short I am just like you with a strong passion of seeing love everywhere and bringing joy to whomever I can.

Talk Soon,

Alexis <3

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